Liberty Staffing is comprised of individuals with more than 100 years of experience on the front lines of staffing firms, and is steadfast in its belief that the best way to service its clients is to have experienced operators.

Liberty understands that the difference between them and their competitors is quality service and pricing. Liberty uses common sense to help eliminate overhead expenses that typically drive up customer costs.

If your company is like most, labor is your biggest budget item. To minimize that expense you need to implement a proven staffing model that reduces your costs. When you partner with a qualified staffing vendor like Liberty, you not only meet peak production demands, but also reduce your costs.

Liberty believes that if customers are provided a great service at a great price, they never have a reason to leave!

Liberty Staffing USA’s Mission

Liberty Staffing’s mission is two-fold: to provide quality personnel and superior service through well experienced and incentivized staff members, and to keep internal costs low in order to provide customers the benefits of competitive market pricing.