Workplace safety cannot exist on guidelines and policies alone. A safe working environment is based on how well the people, in management and in the workplace, conduct their training. How they adhere to and communicate about safety standards and how often they are doing recurring training. Here at Liberty Staffing USA we always have a safety orientation with our employees to make sure everyone works safely in whatever environment they are working in.
Here’s Our Top 10 Workplace Safety Tips Every Employee And Employer Should Know!

1) Be Aware Of Your Surroundings
This step requires knowing the hazards of your job or workplace. Once you’ve learned these risks, you are able to keep clear of potential hazardous areas, and potential hazardous situations. Also, always be alert of machinery and vehicles.

2) Report Unsafe Conditions To Your Supervisor
Your supervisor needs to be informed about any workplace safety hazards or risks. They are legally obligated to ensure their employees have a safe working environment and will take care of the unsafe conditions and make them safe for you and your coworkers.

3) Lockout/Tagout
Proper lockout/tagout procedures can help prevent serious injuries, but only if those procedures are followed.
If employees are not trained correctly on Lockout/Tagout they can get shocked, lose a limb, get burned or even lose their life! You can train employees with Videos and hands on demonstrations.
Some examples of what not to do:

  • One employee may go home for the day with his lock on, and the next worker on duty cuts the lock.
  • Workers may simply use a label on older equipment for which secure lockout is more difficult.
  • Instead of installing a chain to lock a valve in place, a wire that can easily be cut may be used.

Violation of lockout/tagout procedures often boils down to three reasons:

  1. Complacency
  2. A rush to finish the work
  3. Being unfamiliar with the equipment

Employers need to have recurring training for employees on lockout/tagout and ensure they’re qualified to carry out the procedures.

4) Use All Tools, Machines and Vehicles Properly
Take the proper precautions when using tools, and never take shortcuts. There are thousands of injuries every year from workers thinking they can do a job faster by shortcutting it and get hurt. It’s a huge safety risk to use a forklift as a ladder or one tool in place of another for a specific job. Using tools, the right way greatly reduces the chance of workplace injury.

5) Keep Emergency Exits Easily Accessible
In case of an emergency, you’ll need quick, easy access to the exits. It’s also recommended to keep clear access to equipment shutoffs in case you need to quickly stop them from functioning. If you are unloading materials or driving a forklift do not block the exit door!

6) Keep Correct Posture To Protect Your Back
If you work at a desk, keep your shoulders in line with your hips to avoid back problems. If you’re picking things up, use correct form so your back doesn’t get hurt. Avoid stooping and twisting. If possible, always use ergonomic designed furniture and safety equipment so everything you need is within easy reach.

7) Use Mechanical Aids Or Ask For Help With Heavy And Large Objects
Instead of attempting to carry or lift something that’s big and bulky or just heavy to save a sliver of time during your workday, take the extra minute to use a wheelbarrow, conveyor belt, crank, forklift or just ask someone for help. Too many injury risks are involved with trying to lift something that weighs too much or that is way to big!

8) Wear The Correct Safety Equipment
If you’re not wearing the correct PPE for a task, you may get injured. Depending on the job, equipment like earplugs, earmuffs, hard hats, gloves, safety glasses, steel toe boots or a full-face mask greatly reduce the risk of workplace injury.

Liberty Staffing USA works alongside our clients to get their and our employees onboard with workplace safety efforts, encouraging them to become active members in the process. Share with them the workplace injury statistics and the inherent risks their job presents to them daily. Provide incentives that reward them for exemplifying great workplace safety behavior. These simple initiatives really do make all the difference.

9) Reduce Workplace Stress
Stress can lead to depression and concentration problems. Common causes of workplace stress include long hours, heavy workload, job insecurity and conflicts with coworkers or managers. Take your concerns about workplace stress to your supervisor to see how they might help you address them.

10) Stay Sober
Around three percent of workplace fatalities occur due to alcohol and drugs. When a worker’s ability to exercise judgment, coordination, motor control, concentration or alertness is compromised, this leads to any number of risks for workplace injury and fatalities. Liberty Staffing USA has a drug free policy and no alcohol while coming to work or while working policy.

Let’s make 2018 your companies safest year ever! If interested in a staffing company that can help relieve some pressure off your business by suppling a safe reliable workforce, please contact us by going to or email

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