Chris Takes on Alabama

By: Bruce Bender

Liberty Staffing is sending our Director of Sales, Chris Engel, back to Alabama in the coming months to expand our footprint in the market. Chris has previous experience in the region with his previous company and loves both the area and the southern hospitality. “The Opelika/Auburn area almost feels like my home away from home” he says.

He will be teaming up with Kerri Byrd and LaBrandon Hill, the local managers to help expand our influence in Opelika/Auburn and the surrounding areas. Chris will also be visiting Montgomery to create a presence there.  Liberty Staffing has hopes for future expansion into Birmingham and Mobile as well.

Chris has loved the Korean cuisine and culture since he was young, as he grew up in New Jersey with several friends from Korea. He likes to cook in his spare time and makes some mean Beef Bulgogi and Korean Barbecue Short Ribs.

He is definitely “All-In” with our attempt to grow the Alabama location from our Gateway Drive office in Opelika.

“It really is an exciting time to work at Liberty Staffing,”according to Chris.

With folks like Kerri and LaBrandon calling the plays in Alabama, we have the greatest team in the state besides the Tide and the Tigers.