Vince Takes On the Wild, Wild West!

By: Bruce Bender

Liberty Staffing’s President and CEO, Vincent Licata, has been busy scoping out new opportunities and finding the best people to join our team, as we continue our rapid expansion in 2016.  He spent several weeks traveling up and down the West Coast of America between January and March. Early in the year, he spent time in Kansas City working with the local team and welcoming them aboard. On his last trip, Vince departed February 22nd and did not return home until March 12th.

“This is an Epic trip for us. We are excited about all the expansion West of the Mississippi,” Vince said, “This is a Major Growth period for us.”

His first stop was in Arizona. Vince spent time in the local office there to determine our best way forward in the market. He also went to Phoenix to participate in the Staffing Industry Analyst’s Conference. Unfortunately, it was determined early on, that a management change was necessary in this market. Vince met and qualified several candidates and selected the best person, Kearstyn, to take on this role.

Next, Vince went to Las Vegas. He scoured the local market and met lots of new people. Also, in anticipation of our Nevada opening in April, he was able to find two outstanding individuals to bring onboard.

After Las Vegas, Vince stopped in Tacoma, Washington for our Grand Opening. Our Washington branch opened March 1st. Vince was proud to be there and share in the overwhelmingly positive energy and excitement around the new office. He got to work with John Roberson for a few days and officially welcome him to the Liberty Staffing team.

His travels led him to the Liberty HR office in Portland, Oregon. Liberty HR is one of company partnerships in the Pacific Northwest.

Denver was the next stop. We are thrilled about the office opening in Colorado as well. Once again, Vince found two experienced, staffing professionals to help us open our Denver branch in early May.

“It was great to see so many cities in a short period.” Vince told us. Even better, he got the chance to sample several fine, craft beers in their different localities.

Vince and Liberty Staffing’s Vice President, Greg Hamaker, met again in Arizona on March 8th. They wanted to be there personally to meet with our clients and welcome the new manager. Both of them are very confident in our success and taking the office in a new direction.

“It was incredibly tough to pack for this one.” Vince told us. “The weather was all over the place. It went from Hot in Arizona/Nevada, to rainy/windy in Washington and Oregon, and then Cold in Colorado.”

On his final leg of the trip, Vince got one last surprise. He met baseball and Yankee Legend, Lou Piniella and shared a flight back with him to Florida.

Wrapping up his trip on March 12th, Vince was happy to be back home with his family and reminiscing about his successful trip out West.